A Chinese Man Makes A Mechanical Horse To Walk In The Street-

While most people travel by car, on foot or by bus, a man in China has invented an amazing vehicle. Straight out of his imagination, he built a horse robot that works on oil and can be used to move around [...]

Dubike: A High-Tech Ecological Bike That Monitor Your Fitness-16

The Chinese Internet giant has developed a connected smart bike that generates its own electricity. The bike is also equipped with smart sensors to measure your physical fitness. So far, connected watches and bracelets have been used for this purpose. Ladies and gentlemen, here is Dubike, the [...]

Chinese City Introduces Separate Sidewalks For Phone Users' Safety-3

Nowadays, in the streets and even on the roads, you meet more and more smartphone users who are too consumed with phones to know where they are going. To prevent falls and collisions, a Chinese city has decided to divide [...]

The Pinch: An Amazing Community Library With Double Roof Curved As Slide-3

Olivier and John have designed The Pinch, a library and a recreation center for the children of Shuanghe village in China. A real place of leisure for those people whose city was devastated by an earthquake. We presents to you this [...]

China Restricts Its Web Users To Prove Their Identity Before Uploading A Video-

The Chinese government is now implementing a new measure to control the video publishers on the internet. The internet users now have to first prove their identity before uploading a video on a video sharing site.  This decision is being [...]

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