Tinitell: This Connected Bracelet Lets You Always Stay In Touch with your child -

Want to stay connected with your child at any time? Yes, it is now possible thanks to Tinitell. This connected bracelet attached to the wrist of your little one, will enable him to call you with just one click. This object also [...]

The Pinch: An Amazing Community Library With Double Roof Curved As Slide-3

Olivier and John have designed The Pinch, a library and a recreation center for the children of Shuanghe village in China. A real place of leisure for those people whose city was devastated by an earthquake. We presents to you this [...]

World's First Functional Microscope Made Using LEGO Bricks-4

Carl had this wonderful idea of making the children interested in science. He built a microscope using only LEGO bricks. The result is simply amazing as the gadget works just like a small traditional microscope!  Just like a traditional microscope, it [...]

LifeStraw Can Save Millions Of Lives By Cleaning Dirty Water-4

Millions of people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water.  Hence, a Swiss company has invented a revolutionary tool: a filter straw. With it, one can now even drink unsafe water without worrying about catching diseases. We explain to [...]

Miners in Pittston, PA-Child Labourers-

Nowadays, the working conditions in the developed countries are very different from that of twentieth century. In addition to that, the child labour was also subjected to these painful working conditions. Lewis has compiled these series of shocking photographs showing the [...]

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