carving vegetable

Samantha Transforms Her Dishes Into Impressive Artworks 69

This young mother of Malaysian origin is a true artist when it comes to making food for her children. Like a true chief cook, she prepares dishes of stunning beauty as well as taste! No doubt that after seeing these [...]

Surreal Landscapes Created Exclusively With Food 9

For the last 25 years, the London photographer Carl Warner,  uses only food to create beautiful landscapes. A series of photographs will take you to an unchanted gastronomical world with your mouth watering.   After starting his career in landscape photography [...]

Crazy Works Of Art From Food 9

You would have certainly heard your mamma saying that we should not play with your food. However, the artists are delving into this no mans land. We present 10 artistic creations made with bananas, sweets, sandwiches, etc.. Broke Davis is a Minneapolis [...]

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