A really awe-inspiring video that shows us what happens when many quadcopters as well as a car,  are fitted with lights and then made to move and dance around in circles. While at the same time a long exposure camera [...]

5 Dream Cars That Automakers Only Created For Video Games-2

One of the very tempting reason that make us play video games is that they allow us to drive cars that otherwise we would not have the chance to drive in real life. But besides the real luxury car models [...]

Eco-ducts: Ingenious Bridges To Save Thousands Of Animals-3

It is often difficult to reconcile the construction of new roads with wildlife around it. For example, every year in France, there are approximately 24,000 animals that collide on the road with automobiles, not to mention the birds and insects. This [...]

AeroMobil 3.0: A Futuristic Flying Cars To Avoid Traffic Jams Unveiled-1

Getting to the next social evening using a flying car is quite an appealing idea, right? This dream could become a reality very soon thanks to AeroMobil 3.0, a vehicle of the future, halfway between the small plane and the sports [...]

Scientists Are Building An Entire City To Test New Driverless Cars In Real Conditions-1

The driverless cars will soon be a part of our daily lives and to ensure their proper working in real world, researchers have devised a very surprising way. They have begun building an entire uninhabited city, to test these vehicles of [...]

An Amazing Tiny planet Panorama Video Created Using 6 GoPro Cameras-

A young German photographer has devised an ingenious system that combines 6 small cameras connected together and placed in such a manner that gives you the impression that our planet is tiny. The effect is both amazing and immersive! Jonas Ginter is [...]

Soon Your Car Will Be Able To Analyze Your Emotions In Real Time To Ensure Your Safety-1

A team of researchers has developed a system that allows a car to analyze the emotions of the driver. This incredible innovation makes it possible that vehicle can react to your emotions to create the most favorable conditions for a peaceful [...]

V8 Hotel-A Hotel Dedicated To Automobiles Lets You Sleep In The Most Comfortable Cars (Photo Gallery)-19

If you are a lover of cars, you will definitely fall in love with this hotel. You can stay in the luxurious rooms decorated with very different styles, but all focused on the same theme: the automobile. We make you visit this [...]

This Concept Car Is Capable Of Running A Century Without A Refill-3

This revolutionary car will help you economize fuel! This concept car is indeed capable of running 100 years without a refuel or electrical recharge. Its engine will be powered by thorium mineral which is capable of producing a considerable amount of energy. [...]

20 Completely Strange And Original Cars For The Roads (Photo Gallery)-14

You may have already seen such cars on the road that are quite different from normal automobile design standards. We present here a collection such bizarre cars. This list identifies vehicles which are bizarre beyond belief. They are funny, scary or rather [...]

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