Modified Measles Virus Injection Cures A Woman Suffering From Cancer-1

A woman suffering from cancer has been completely cured by injecting her with a large amount of modified virus of measles. For the first time ever, virotherapy (treatment of disease by viruses) proved capable of eradicating cancer. We explain to you [...]

Thanks To Oculus Rift: A Dying Grandmother Can Explore Outside world-

An American grandmother suffering from a terrible terminal cancer had only one dream: to see outside her home one last time before leaving this world. The wish came true thanks to Oculus Rift augmented reality technology and the perseverance of her granddaughter. We tell you [...]

Parents Fulfill Last Desire Of Their 4 Year Old Son By Offering Him A superb Star Wars Funeral-

Aged just 4 years, Jack died of a brain tumor which was unfortunately inoperable. He was a staunch Star Wars' fan. His parents fulfilled his last wish by offering him a moving last farewell funeral in the colors of the Star Wars [...]

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