Build Yourself A Planet Observation Telescope With A Single Camera-1

Did you ever think that it is possible to detect planets outside our solar system using a single camera? Yet an American astronomy enthusiast has shown that it is not necessary to invest all your fortune in an expensive telescope to [...]

Breakthrough In Photography: This Device Captures 100 billion frames per second-

Since its invention in 1839, capturing the motion has always been one of the obsessions of photography. In 1878, for the first time a trotting horse was captured on a film and in 1887, the trajectory of a bullet going at supersonic speed. Today, a [...]

Vela One: World's Fastest And Cost Effective Flash For Slow Motion Photography-

Slow motion photography usually requires a lot of technical and expensive equipment. That said, a British start-up has risen to the challenge of designing a cost effective and ultra fast flash to easily photograph moving objects. With Vela One, you can now [...]

With RomoCart, Turn Your Room Into An Augumented reality Video Game-1

What if your room was transformed into a real race track? RomoCart proposes to convert your iPhone into a small robot on wheels, to challenge your roommates in a game that is reminiscent of  Mario Kart. Using projectors you can dynamically generate [...]

Place Yourself In The Cockpit Of A Fighter Plane Flying Over Japan (Video)-7

Flying a fighter jet is the dream of many children. When we were small it was our dream as well. This video gives you an opportunity to relive this amazing experience near to a real flight, thanks to an onboard camera [...]

An Amazing Tiny planet Panorama Video Created Using 6 GoPro Cameras-

A young German photographer has devised an ingenious system that combines 6 small cameras connected together and placed in such a manner that gives you the impression that our planet is tiny. The effect is both amazing and immersive! Jonas Ginter is [...]

London-Smart Pedestrian Crossing System Trials To Begin Soon-

Starting this summer, the City of London will do the trials for a new system of pedestrian crossings that will use smart cameras to determine as to how many people are waiting at the road crossing. The system will then [...]

Soon Your Car Will Be Able To Analyze Your Emotions In Real Time To Ensure Your Safety-1

A team of researchers has developed a system that allows a car to analyze the emotions of the driver. This incredible innovation makes it possible that vehicle can react to your emotions to create the most favorable conditions for a peaceful [...]

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