Expert Japanese Carpenters Make Wooden buildings without Using Nails!-1

Even today, Japanese carpenters have preserved an ancient art by constructing wooden buildings without using a single nail. With their unparalleled precision, they assemble the beams and planks with perfection to build houses having durable perfection. We make you discover the [...]

Discover How Our Streets Would Look Like With Buildings Only Having Facades-1

Zachary is a young photographer who is passionate about building facades. In this series of photographs, he imagines a world where building fronts are separated from the rest of the buildings and stand alone in the street. See these pictures full [...]

New Thermochromic Furniture And Pots Change Color With Touch Of Your Skin-5

Imagine that your office furniture changes color at the touch of a hot cup of coffee? Designers have covered it with a layer of thermochromic paint that allows it to change its colour upon contact. We make you discover these amazing [...]

A Street Artist Makes A Series Of Mesmerizing Drawings Using Colored Sand-4

An artist adorns the streets of several cities with huge drawings of colored sand. We make you discover these incredible and rather hypnotics artworks. Since 2006, Joe Mangrum, has been adorning the streets of New York, Chicago and San Francisco with fabulous [...]

A Passionate Builds A Fully Functional Computer Keyboard With LEGO-2

A LEGO passionate has managed to surprise us by building a fully functional computer keyboard using these bricks. He shows us that the keyboard works just as well as a regular keyboard. We explain how it was developed. Jason Allemann is [...]

Geometric Sand Castles That Are True Architectural Masterpieces -5

An artist from New York builds true architectural masterpieces with perfectly angular and geometric shapes of immense precision. We make you discover these amazing structures of sand! Creative sandcastle artist, Calvin Seibert, based in New York, has returned from a recent 10 day [...]

An Abandoned Flemish City Becomes A Giant Canvas Dedicated To Street Art (Photo Gallery)-14

Belgium has a strange abandoned village dedicated to street art. A photographer has immersed himself in the heart of this giant, open-air and sublime street canvas. We make you discover this absolutely amazing ghost town through these photographs. Due to its proximity [...]

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