Using This Bracelets Nostalgic Astronauts Can Take Earth Smells To Space-

With the revolutionary bracelet "Senti8", now it is possible to take your favorite smells with you. Even it is possible to take them with you to the space.  Keep your favorite smells with you and take them to infinity and [...]

Play Tetris Anytime And Anywhere With This High-tech Wristband-3

Nowadays, we see electronic devices everywhere in our daily lives and in many diverse applications. This ever growing array of gadgets welcomes a new member. With this bracelet, you can play the legendary video game Tetris. We describe to you [...]

Tinitell: This Connected Bracelet Lets You Always Stay In Touch with your child -

Want to stay connected with your child at any time? Yes, it is now possible thanks to Tinitell. This connected bracelet attached to the wrist of your little one, will enable him to call you with just one click. This object also [...]

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