Recycle Your Glass Bottles Into Ecological And Decorative lamps-7

Sustainable development is an important theme of the modern projects, it signifies that while doing these projects their ecological and social impact on the environment must also be taken into account. This can therefore lead to the recycling of everyday items. [...]

Recycle Plastic Garbage At Your Home Into Everyday Useful Objects-12

If you spend too much time every weekend, emptying your trash bin, a Dutch designer has a solution for you. He has set up a revolutionary project that will allow you to recycle your own plastic waste and turn it into [...]

Forget plastic bottles, You Can Now Drink Water In A Blob-1

In our daily life we see the plastic everywhere and it is polluting our planet. To curb this problem, a team of designers has developed a new way to drink the water. Instead of using the plastic bottle, replace it [...]

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