A Giant Step For Artificial Organs: Blood Vessels Synthesized By 3D Printing-

Since its invention, 3D printing continues to push the boundaries of technology. Moreover, researchers have managed the feat of creating fully functional synthetic blood vessels. We explain to you this significant scientific achievement. Until now, the major problem encountered during 3D [...]

Researchers Develop A Highly Flexible Material That Can Wrap Around Veins-4

U.S. researchers have just made a huge step forward in the technology of medical implants. They have designed a flexible printed circuit so microscopic that it can be wrapped around blood vessels in the human body! We explain to you this [...]

A Super Glue That Quickly Connects Human Tissue Will Revolutionize Surgery (Video)-2

While we thought that we knew everything about the finest available glues, the researchers have come up with a revolutionary wonder glue that is capable of connecting human tissue very quickly. It is hoped that this new product will have [...]

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