Enjoy The Stunning Beauty Of Finland's Landscapes In Starry Nights-3

Mikko is an exceptional photographer who wanders throughout Finland to take breathtaking pictures. When night falls and the stars appear in the sky, the artist comes out with camera in hand, to capture unique moments. Combining heaven and earth, nature [...]

Daewoo's To Launch World's Biggest Cargo Ship Which is 70 Meters High-3

On land, in the air or on the seas, the means of transportation are constantly evolving. A Korean industrial group is finalizing the construction of the world's largest Cargo ship ever. We tell you more about this steel monster that [...]

Unusual Houses Where You Would Love To Settle-5

Sometimes it just takes a little creativity and a good dose of ingenuity to transform an abandoned place into a lavish home. It may be a bus,a plane or a boat... There's something for everyone. The proof with these 11 unusual [...]

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