DOT: World's First Braille Smartwatch Lets Blind Read e-Books, Messages And Take Directions-

World's first Braille smartwatch 'Dot' has been designed by the South Korean engineers. This watch includes bumps that change their position up and down to make different patterns for different words that can be read by blind just like a [...]

Revolutionary Headset By Microsoft Will Replace White Cane For Blind-1

Microsoft has developed an ingenious headset/headphone that enables the blind to move independently. This headset guides the users using spatial sounds, that reach the inner ear by osteophony or bone conduction. Connected to a smartphone which itself communicates with a network [...]

Visually Impaired Can Now Feel Their Memories Thanks To 3D Printing of Pirate 3D-1

Pirate3D, a company, has devised an innovative way for the blind people to enjoy a photograph. In fact, they have used a 3D printer to turn a photograph into a scene of apparent life! We tell you more about this touching, [...]

FingerReader: Revolutionary Ring To Read The Books To The Blind-

A team of researchers has developed a ring-scanner that is able to read any text aloud and it allows blind people to enjoy a book without needing a Braille. We explain how this useful object works!  Although there have been many [...]

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