Amazing iPhone Controlled Bionic Bird Flies By Beating Its Wings-

Have you ever fanatsized flying your own robotic bird using your smartphone? Well, this is now possible thanks to a French aeronautical engineer who has designed the Bionic Bird. This mini-drone has no propeller like most of the drones, rather it beats [...]

A Bird Uses An Ingenious Strategy To Catch Fish Using A Piece Of Bread (Video)-2

The video shows a bird using a piece of bread to bait a fish and eat it. A breathtaking scene that proves that animals are very intelligent. The Green Heron is a small bird living mainly in North America. They live near streams and [...]

Discover Potoo, Only Bird That Can Camouflage Itself As A Branch-2

Many animals have an incredible ability to camouflage themselves. Potoo is a bird that has developed an incredible technique to hide itself from predators: it pretends to be a tree branch! We make you discover this clever bird.  Originally from South America, [...]

World's Oldest Living Flamingo Dies Aged 83 years, Adelaide, Australia-

The average life expectancy of flamingos is 25 years. However, one Flamingo managed to live up till an age of 83 years! We tell you the beautiful story of this bird, upon which ultimately death and disease prevailed.  This bird, [...]

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