Fontus: This Amazing Bottle Turns Humidity To Water During Bicycling-3

Soon the cyclists would need not to carry a water bottle with them before a hike? This will be soon possible thanks to Fontus, a bottle that fills itself automatically. This device attaches to the bicycle and is used to [...]

Revolution: An Interesting Bicycle That Leaves Message Of Your Choice As Trail-

Bicycle enthusiasts have developed a bike that is able to write on the road while riding. The idea is is simple, the characters are pre-printed in 3D and then you have to just snap them on your tire to view the [...]

SoftWheel: A Revolutionary Shock Proof Wheel For The Wheelchairs-

An Israeli farmer who is also an engineer, has designed a anti-shock wheel that will greatly improve the lives of all the cycling enthusiasts as well as wheelchair users. This shockproof wheel improves both comfort and performance. We explain the working [...]

An Amazing Tiny planet Panorama Video Created Using 6 GoPro Cameras-

A young German photographer has devised an ingenious system that combines 6 small cameras connected together and placed in such a manner that gives you the impression that our planet is tiny. The effect is both amazing and immersive! Jonas Ginter is [...]

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