Beautiful places

9 Amazing Places In Albania That Would Make You Pack Your Bags--12

Albania is an important nation of Eastern Europe, but it is also among the most culturally rich. Most importantly, it offers some stunning scenery, including its coastline or some of its beautiful cities. Capital of Albania and most populous city, [...]

27 Photographs That Reveal Extraordinary Beauty Of New Zealand-23

Anthony Harrison is a enthusiastic photographer who visits different parts of world to pursue his passion of photography. His photographs allow him to share his vision for our wonderful planet. He admits that the South Island of New Zealand is [...]

10 Most Beautiful Blue Lagoons In The World-1

Turquoise water, fine sand and heavenly landscape ... There you are. You do not even have an Internet connection on your mobile and you recognize that ultimately it is not that bad. So really the holidays begin. But before leaving, [...]

The Starry Sky Of The Atacama Desert, San Pedro, South America, Reveals Its Splendor (Video)-18

"Ancients" is a beautiful short time-lapse video that shows us the beauty of the Atacama Desert, located in South America. Thanks to the absence of clouds, the spectacle offers a splendid view of the starry sky at night. Stars look as [...]

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