A Revolutionary Battery Prototype To Double The Electric Car Range-

An experimental lithium-ion battery developed by a US start-up can store twice the amount of energy as compared to the current electric car batteries. Based on a solid electrolyte, this innovation could help extend the range of electric cars beyond 300 [...]

Early Warning System For Lithium-Ion Battery Explosion-1

In the United States, a team of researchers at Stanford University has developed a technique to give an early warning for lithium-ion battery system if it gets overheated or catches fire. The technology could easily be incorporated into existing batteries being [...]

WattUp: Wireless Technology To Recharge Batteries And Devices Remotely-

A startup called Energous has developed a wireless charging technology that is capable of transmitting 10 W power to a distance of 4.5 m, even if the user is moving. It can be used to charge the batteries of smartphones [...]

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