This Amazing Bacteria Feeds Exclusively On Electricity For Its Survival-1

To survive, every living being needs to consume electricity in some form. Humans ingest electrons when they consume sugar. But a type of bacteria named as Mariprofundus ferrooxidans feed directly on electricty from charged electrode. Amazing! Electrons play a vital role in the [...]

Scientists Have Discovered A Bacteria Species Thats Feeds Upon Electricity-2

Some bacteria have the ability to generate energy from mineral sources such as sulfur and minerals. However, a team of Harvard scientists has discovered a new bacterial species that can acquire energy from electricity. We tell you more about this [...]

In England, a study has been conducted that confirms our smartphone is a medium of transmissions of bacteria. Students were able to observe many bacteria, harmless or not, on the smartphones screen. Whenever, someone uses a smartphone whether it is [...]

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