Artist Brings Smiles To Babies By Transforming Their medical Helmets Into Artworks-10

A California based artist has decided to turn medical helmets for babies into true works of art! Very creative, she has personalized over 1300 helmets. We share with you some examples of his incredible work that gives a smile to these [...]

Kids Taste Lemon-

David and April are two photographers who had this brilliant idea of ​​filming the reaction of babies tasting the  lemon for the first time. The least we can say is that the acidity of the citrus is too much for these [...]

Brice mill A Photographer Visualizes The Possible Future Occupations Of An Adorable Baby-9

All parents like to imagine the future profession of their little baby: doctor, lawyer, or an engineer. They have their wishes and desires for their little ones. A photographer has tried to portray these expectations and dreams of every parent in [...]

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