Stroll Through This Surreal Landscape Formed By Gigantic Salt Mines-14

Emma is an Australian photographer who makes us discover the salt mines of Nullarbor Plain, Australia. Landscapes that come straight from another planet. Attention, you are not going to believe your eyes! Great mountains of pure white salt, these are the photos [...]

Scientists Study Bee Behaviour By Equipping Them With Electronic Sensors-

Owing to worldwide decline in Bee population, an Australian laboratory has started putting sensors on the back of thousands of bees. This arrangement will help scientists understand their movements and behaviour during pollination. We tell you more about this amazing project! In [...]

World's Oldest Living Flamingo Dies Aged 83 years, Adelaide, Australia-

The average life expectancy of flamingos is 25 years. However, one Flamingo managed to live up till an age of 83 years! We tell you the beautiful story of this bird, upon which ultimately death and disease prevailed.  This bird, [...]

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