augmented reality

Augmented Reality To Save Lives By Making Cars Transparent-3

Imagine driving a completely transparent car where you can easily see every blind corner. Well, this is now possible thanks to a system developed by the Japanese engineers. We tell you more about this futuristic technology. This technology is called transparent [...]

A Dirt-Cheap Exoskeleton For Augumented Reality And Robotic Control-2

A chinese start-up has brought to the market this revolutionary hand exoskeleton at an unbeatable price. Dexta Robotics has launched a campaign on the Kickstarter to collect funds for its product. Last year, Dexta Robotics announced plans to develop a device [...]


An app Chromville has been developed that allows the children to bring to life their paintings using augmented reality. The app is available for both the Android and iOS devices, it is specially designed for the kids in the age of [...]

revealing flashlight

Now it is possible to fix the worn out, damaged and old art pieces using digital recreation and augmented reality. This remarkable achievement is made possible through collaborative research of multiple universities researchers. A revealing flashlight is used to project [...]

Thermal Touch Transforms The World Around You Into Interactive Objects-1

German scientists are designing the future of augmented reality! This new system called "Thermal Touch" can detect the infrared heat left by our finger on any surface or object and changing it to an interactive system. The perception of the [...]

Augmented Reality Transforms A Sandbox Into Landscapes of Rivers And Volcanic Eruptions (Video)-5

Augmented reality never ceases to impress us. Today, it has been used to transform a sandbox into the flowing rivers and eruption of volcanoes ! This very original experience has been achieved using a 3D Kinect camera, a computer, a simulation software [...]

Gravity: A Tablet That Converts Drawings Into 3D Sketches -

The worlds of design and augmented reality are undergoing a revolution! Researchers have developed an amazing tablet prototype that can instantly convert your drawings into 3D sketches. We explain to you this amazing tool. The concept of Gravity has been developed by a team [...]

Phantom Limb Pain Relief Using Augmented Reality Techniques-

It is a well known medical fact that many amputees feel pain in their lost limb. Medical scientists say that the reason for this pain is that the part of the brain responsible for controlling the lost limb becomes inactive. [...]

iPad Application To Transform Everything Around You Into Video Game-5

The world of tablets and video games has met again. With this highly innovative scanner introduced at CES 2014, the iPad will use augmented reality to transform everything around you into a video game scenario.  The Structure Sensor is a very special [...]

When the visitors travel to different parts of the world, they always want to bring some memories of the journey in the form of photos and souvenirs.  However, Michael Hughes who is both a traveller and a photographer, has a found a [...]

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