To Unite The Community Against Violence Artists Paint A Mural On 200 Houses -

Palmitas is Mexican city that had developed a reputation of being plagued by violence. In order to improve the deteriorated image of the city the Mexican Government approached an association of artists named as the "Germen Crew". This youth organization has [...]

This Man's Art Of Restoring Old Books will Blow You Away-

As a kid we had always been told that book are the best companions. Good books always inculcate morality, thought-fullness, and knowledge. Indeed, there are many books that keep our company for years and we develop a special relationship with [...]

1600 Paper Mache Pandas Invade The City Of Hong Kong-9

Paulo, a French artist has put 1,600 paper mache pandas in the streets of Hong Kong. In agreement with the WWF, this pretty operation aims to educate passersby about the tragic death of this animal.  The French artist Grangeon Paulo, in collaboration [...]

A Street Artist Makes A Series Of Mesmerizing Drawings Using Colored Sand-4

An artist adorns the streets of several cities with huge drawings of colored sand. We make you discover these incredible and rather hypnotics artworks. Since 2006, Joe Mangrum, has been adorning the streets of New York, Chicago and San Francisco with fabulous [...]

Geometric Sand Castles That Are True Architectural Masterpieces -5

An artist from New York builds true architectural masterpieces with perfectly angular and geometric shapes of immense precision. We make you discover these amazing structures of sand! Creative sandcastle artist, Calvin Seibert, based in New York, has returned from a recent 10 day [...]

Portugese artist creates Amazing Artworks Created Using Just A Pen And Everyday Objects-3

When we look at objects that surround us, it is not necessarily with an artistic interest. Nevertheless, it is sufficient for Victor to use his twist of imagination and a few pencil strokes to perform amazing artworks from everyday banal [...]

Not content to simply plant their rice like any other farmers in the world, Japanese Farmers have indeed wanted to show a little more imagination in their rice planting by converting them into works of art. The plantation replicas of the [...]

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