Bioartificial Pancreas Will Revolutionize The Daily Life Of Diabetics-1

Researchers have developed a new technology that will change the lives of diabetics. They have developed a bio-artificial pancreas that can be implanted into the body of a diabetic. This will replace daily insulin injections into the blood. We tell [...]

ununseptium: Scientists Confirm Existence Of A New Element In Periodic Table-

A team of researchers has confirmed the existence of an entirely new chemical element: ununseptium! It has the distinction of having been totally manufactured by humans. We explain in detail this major scientific breakthrough. The new element has been temporarily give the [...]

It May Be Possible To Fall In Love A Marry A Robot By 2050-

Falling in love with a robot may seem to be a completely implausible idea? Yet, the scientists explain that with the recent advances in the robotics and artificial intelligence it may be possible to marry one of them by 2050! [...]

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