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You're not dreaming, the images in this article are indeed oil paintings. A talented Korean artist creates ultra-realistic portraits. You will certainly not able to differentiate between painting and picture. The Korean artist Kang Kang-Hoon  realizes oil paintings with incredible precision and realism. Difficult [...]

Earlier, we had written an article about 16 Amazing Artworks From Food. Here, we are going to present 22 sublime artwork examples made from food. Discover the work which is both innovative and original. Born to Chinese parents who migrated [...]

Earlier we had written an article about Incredible Paintings That Look Like Photographs. Here, we are going to represent another impressive series of ultra-realistic photographs. The "photo-realism" is intended to be as close as possible to reality. Discover some of the [...]

We have selected for you some of the best photo-realistic paintings! Paintings that approach the realism of photographs! Watch! Perhaps all of you would have heard the name of traditional artists like Picasso  and Monet etc and their style of painting. In the [...]

A proficient Ukrainian artist Svetlana Ivanchenko, shows her marvelous art work to the world. She has a unique way of showing her artistic abilities as she creates amazing portraits using  sand and sea shells. She is the native of Yalta, [...]

There are many who say that food is sacred  as most people in this world have to work hard to get it. However, this does not stop some of the artists from pushing the boundary of their creativity and make [...]

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