art of graffiti

Have you ever wondered how to mingle nature with street art? It is true that urban planning and ecology seem to be two distant things. Yet cities have started taking more and more pride in having green spaces. So we invite you [...]

Are you a video game geek and have a passion to play them? We have selected top 25 trendy graffiti examples of video games  for you. When you're a video game geek it shows that you have a passion for [...]

Earlier we had an article on how an artist reveals the dissected anatomy models of modern pop culture icons. This time an Austrian artist demonstrates his passion for human and animal anatomy through incredible large-scale murals. Perhaps, his works will [...]

Most of us think that street art is a term associated with environmental degradation by aggressive and baseless graffiti and tags. This artist Italian artist thinks that essence of his urban art lies in the message that it conveys through its [...]

It is sometimes said that technological advances have mostly damaged the nature. However,  a street artist combines nature and technological elements to make incredible artworks. The purpose of the artist is not merely to create pieces of art, but to [...]

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