25 Original Lamp Designs To Completely Transform Your Home-22

The designers are showing great creativity when it comes to reinventing everyday objects. We present to you 25 lamp desgins that will illuminate your interior with class! All these lamps are truly original, we would love to decorate our homes with [...]

A Fascinating Film Reveals Each Step In Preparation Of A Beretta Shotgun-18

Italy based Beretta is one of the oldest weapons manufacturers in the world, and is over five hundred years old. Using this amazing video, we are going to show you the careful steps involved in the manufacturing of Beretta shotgun. Indeed, we [...]

Wonderful 3D Sculptures Made Using Mathematical Formulas-11

Tom Beddard, aka subBlue, is a Scottish physicist turned artist, who makes spectacular 3D sculptures, using mathematical fractals formulas. The result is fascinating. We make you discover this works that combines arts and mathematics. The fractals are the starting point of works by subBlue. [...]

Top 18 Artistic Table Designs That Will Make You Admire Their Beauty-14

Real centerpiece of a room, it's around the tables that family and friends gather. When artistic ingenuity join aesthetic beauty of tables, it is a feast at every meal. We present to you a choice of tables that will make you [...]

Discover How Our Streets Would Look Like With Buildings Only Having Facades-1

Zachary is a young photographer who is passionate about building facades. In this series of photographs, he imagines a world where building fronts are separated from the rest of the buildings and stand alone in the street. See these pictures full [...]

A French Artist Gives New Life To Industrial Parts As Robots-4

Robots have always fascinated children and adults. A French artist pays tribute to the robots in the most beautiful way in making beautiful robotic sculptures from recycled industrial parts. Long live the robots! Brauer is a French designer who for the last [...]

Gigantic And Realistic Flower Sculptures Made From Glass -19

Jason is a young glass artist, specializing in the production of unique and impressive artworks: he makes surprisingly realistic gigantic glass flowers! We make you discover his beautiful creations.  Jason Gamrath , 27, is an indisputable master of glass sculptures. He makes [...]

Top 17 Most Beautiful Stairs That Will Make You Dreaming-7

When talking about street art, we often imagine imposing paintings on the walls. But it's not just the buildings that are the subject of this urban art, stair treads can also become the subject of artists inspiration! We make you discover [...]

Kelemens Torggler Amazing Doors Fold Onto Themselves Like Origami-1

An Austrian designer has invented a new design for sliding doors that open and close in a surprisingly distinguished manner. At the slightest touch, they fold onto themselves like origami! We make you discover these magic doors in pictures. Most of [...]

An Abandoned Flemish City Becomes A Giant Canvas Dedicated To Street Art (Photo Gallery)-14

Belgium has a strange abandoned village dedicated to street art. A photographer has immersed himself in the heart of this giant, open-air and sublime street canvas. We make you discover this absolutely amazing ghost town through these photographs. Due to its proximity [...]

The Ark:  Technology And Nature Combine To Give A Fantastic Spectacle Of Light And Sound-2

The Ark is the name of the amazing show of lights that projects the images of beautiful cactus. Combined with electronic music, this spectacle transports us to a metaphysical world. We make you discover this unique spiritual experience.  In the festival [...]

Marvelous Metallic Animal Sculptures Made Using Everyday Objects -13

The animal world has always fascinated children as well as adults. Among wildlife enthusiasts, an artist Edouard recycles everyday objects to give birth to beautiful metallic animals that seem larger than life. Discover these pictures! Edouard Martinet is a French sculptor who has [...]

Alice X. Zhang Beautiful Paintings Of The Scenes From Famous Cult Films-15

The films have always inspired the works of many artists. Same is the case of Alice, who makes beautiful paintings based upon scenes of famous international films. We present to you a collection of the works of this talented artist.  [...]

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