20 Day Stranger: Immerse Yourself In Life Of A Stranger For 20 Days-2

For the last many years, social networks have allowed us to interact with lots of people. But imagine this exchange goes a step further. A mobile application allows you to share the life with a stranger at the other end [...]

Jotly A smart phone app to comment and share-

Discover a new unusual app coming straight from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Jotly is an application that will allow you to comment, rate and share everything that is around you!  Jotly is a mobile application that should [...]

Mobile App of the week: 1Password stores all your passwords-2

Discover today this new and useful mobile app 1Password, taken straight from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  It memorises and keeps safe all your passwords. Hence, secures all your personal data. Developed by AgileBits , Password has been ranked among the 20 [...]

iPhone Application To Effectively Control Sugar Levels In Diabetic-

Researchers have developed a great tool that will be of great service to individuals with diabetes. Called "bionic pancreas" it allows patients to monitor their blood sugar better than ever. We present this device that proves that technology can be also [...]

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