HealthKit App

Apple's iPhone 6 will feature many interesting health tracking features. The new mobile will also monitor the blood pressure, pulse and temperature of the user. An app has been developed by the Apple which is called HealthKit and its aim is to increase [...]

Foxconn Will Use 10,000 robots To Assemble iPhone 6-1

Foxconn is currently China's largest employer. It has announced that it will soon use thousands of robots to assemble electronic equipment in in its various plants and then ship it worldwide. Moreover, it will start the process by producing Apple's iPhone 6, [...]

Jotly A smart phone app to comment and share-

Discover a new unusual app coming straight from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Jotly is an application that will allow you to comment, rate and share everything that is around you!  Jotly is a mobile application that should [...]

Mobile App of the week: 1Password stores all your passwords-2

Discover today this new and useful mobile app 1Password, taken straight from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  It memorises and keeps safe all your passwords. Hence, secures all your personal data. Developed by AgileBits , Password has been ranked among the 20 [...]

Driver Texting While A Child walks

Sending text messages while driving can really be a fatal thing to do. A number of accidents and injuries across the world occurs due to this bad practice. That's the reason why in many countries the use of mobile phone [...]

Not On App Store: Project To Remind Geeks About pleasures of Everyday life-

"Not on App Store" is a photography project that invites us to leave the screens of our mobiles and laptops in favor of the true pleasures offered to us by life. We all know the phrase "Available on the App Store,", [...]

Samsung poster-

Now, it is the time to assess the performance of different smartphone constructors worldwide for the year 2013. The Samsung really leads the way as the firm has sold more smartphones than Apple, BlackBerry and Nokia combined. We present to [...]

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