3D Printing Gives A New Life To Turtle Cleopatra-2

Cleopatra is not only the name of the famous queen of Egypt. Rather, it is also the name of the turtle suffering from shell problem. The latter is in fact very fragile and may become infected. A student from the [...]

Amazing Bird Models Made Using Simple LEGO Bricks-9

Tom is a great bird enthusiast, so much so, that he creates some of the incredible LEGO replicas of these birds. We share with you these beautiful creations :) Poulsom Tom is an avid gardener and loves the birds. For some time, [...]

Can We Use Robots To Protect Penguins From Extinction?-3

Studying the animals in the wild without disturbing them is a well-known challenge for the researchers. It is in this context that a team of French scientists has developed a small robot-like penguin. This device turns out to be much less stressful [...]

17 Hilarious Animals Making Fun Like Humans-

They are hairy and they walk on four legs, Yet they are already there to challenge you in the street and to ask you something. We share with you 17 animals that are firmly convinced of being human. Discover without [...]

An Unusual Owl Bar Where You can Drink Coffee While Cuddling Owls-1

Very strange cafes have been opened in several Japanese cities. After cat bars, a new concept emerged: Owl bars! We make you discover an owl bar where you can have a coffee while cuddling these adorable owls. We are familiar with [...]

1600 Paper Mache Pandas Invade The City Of Hong Kong-9

Paulo, a French artist has put 1,600 paper mache pandas in the streets of Hong Kong. In agreement with the WWF, this pretty operation aims to educate passersby about the tragic death of this animal.  The French artist Grangeon Paulo, in collaboration [...]

Pneupard: A Quadruped Robot Walks Like A Cheetah Using Artificial Muscles-1

Researchers have developed a robot equipped with a new kind of artificial muscles! Inspired by the movements of cheetah, this robot is capable of moving on a treadmill with great realism. We make you discover this scientific innovation. Named as Pneupard, this robot is [...]

Dutch Scientist Create World smallest Minidrone of the size dragonfly-

Dutch scientists have created the world's smallest drone. This incredibly lightweight drone named DelFly weighs only 20 grams and could revolutionize the world of robotics. We make you discover this incredible invention!   The DelFly is the first unmanned mini drone  designed [...]

Engineers Invent A Mobile Aquarium Driven By The Movements Of Fish (Video)-1

Now, a fish can drive its aquarium in different direction just as we drive cars. Engineers have developed a moveable tank which moves in the direction the fish is swimming. We explain to you this funny but cute innovation. Dutch engineers [...]

Marvelous Metallic Animal Sculptures Made Using Everyday Objects -13

The animal world has always fascinated children as well as adults. Among wildlife enthusiasts, an artist Edouard recycles everyday objects to give birth to beautiful metallic animals that seem larger than life. Discover these pictures! Edouard Martinet is a French sculptor who has [...]

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