Fairphone 2: A Successor To The Environment Friendly Fairphone-1

Launched in 2013, the first environment friendly smartphone, named as "Fairphone", has met the public support. The Dutch team behind the project plans to launch Fairphone 2 for the next academic year. 4G compatible, it could also operate on OS like Firefox [...]

Romeo- An Intelligent French Robot To Help Elderly With Daily Tasks-5

Romeo is a Robot designed by a French company to help the elderly and disabled in their daily lives. Indeed, this small humanoid of 1m40 can already communicate with anyone, by detecting the faces and the expressions of humans that surround [...]

Prynt An Iphone and Android Case with built-in portable printer-1

Inspired by the old Polaroid technology, Prynt is a case for smartphone with a built in printer that can print the captured photos in 30 seconds. Launched on the crowdfunding platform KickStarter, the project achieved its objective in only thirty minutes. [...]

Using Arabic, Urdu, Persian And Other Languages Fonts In Android App Development -

Many times you would like to develop apps targeting a particular region or country. In that case, using the local language of that area is very user friendly. On first look, it might seem to be a daunting task but [...]

Messenger: Google's New Default Android App For SMS Messaging-

Since the availability of Android 4.4 last year, the application Hangouts has become a universal messaging application on Android for both using Google mail or managing SMS. In the next version of Google mobile system, it might also be put aside by something new. [...]

v-John: A Unique Robot To Interact With Humans Using Emotions-2

In the recent years, robotics engineering has been undergoing an unprecedented boom as more and more humanoids are emerging. Despite all these developments, the robots lack the ability to communicate using facial expressions and emotions. Having said that, thanks to [...]

Aiko: Japanese Robot That Can Communicate With Deaf Using Sign Language-2

Nowadays, many activies of our daily lives are being performed by the automated machines. Robots are also becoming more human-like. Especially, the Japanese companies are at the forefront of innovation in robotics. Now, in another landmark achievement, Japanese scientists have [...]

Robot Cook-

Whether its hitchhiking on the roads of Canada or participating in the first robotic Olympics to be held in Tokyo in 2020, robots are continuing to invade our daily lives. We will find them working in some of the most [...]

AirDroid: Remotely Control Your Android Smartphone Using A PC-1

Using your smartphone at office or at home can lead to missed calls. Also, its a bit hectic process to transfer or read your media files from a PC. One of the solution that exists for the sycnhronisation between android smartphone [...]

Navdy's New Head-up Display Lets Car Drivers Use Smartphone On Windscreen-

The start-up company Navdy is preparing to market a new head-up display that interfaces with an Android or iOS smartphone. It is able to project all the smartphone features and applications on the windshield of a car. The driver can then [...]

Snoopy drone

Drones are already under high criticism from masses due to their military use. Now, recently a news on CNN has once again started a new debate about drone applications and their impact on common people. Recently, researchers in London have [...]

SmartMio an Addition

EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation is also named as electromyostimulation. EMS does muscles contraction via electric pulses. It has gained attraction in last decade as strength gaining tool. It has become popular among athletes. A number of products like [...]

Samsung poster-

Now, it is the time to assess the performance of different smartphone constructors worldwide for the year 2013. The Samsung really leads the way as the firm has sold more smartphones than Apple, BlackBerry and Nokia combined. We present to [...]

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