Discover This Gigantic Meteorological Tower Erected In Amazon Rainforest-1

We make you discover this incredible 324 m high tower that was built in the middle of the Amazon forest. It is intended to monitor the weather and the greenhouse effect, with the aim to determine how the largest forest in the [...]

Amazon Will Test Its Drone Delivery Service In India-

According to the Indian press, this year Amazon could begin a trial of its delivery drone service Amazon Prime Air, near Mumbai and Bangalore. Last month, Amazon had written to the air safety authorities of the United States for the permission [...]

Kindle Unlimited Gives You Access to over 60,000 books-

Amazon will indeed revolutionize the digital books market with its Kindle Unlimited package. With a package of $9.99, you have now unlimited access to the more than 60,000 books. The principle is similar to that of Netflix, but for electronic books. Kindle Unlimited [...]

Amazon Files Application With FAA To Test Its Delivery Drones In US-

The online sales giant Amazon has filed an application with the US aeronautical authorities to carry out testing of its delivery drones. Hence, confirming its unusual project 'Prime Air' for delivery within 30 minutes. In a letter to the Federal [...]

Netflix develops An Artificial Brain To Recommend You Movies According To Your Tase-1

When you want to watch a movie, nothing ever matches the advice of a friend who knows your tastes, but that could change in the near future! Netflix is developing a unique kind of online search engine that understands and [...]

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