Top 10 Odd Looking Aircrafts That Could Fly-9

Since the advent of aviation industry in the early 2oth century, the engineers have continuously pushed the boundaries of technology to design and develop more efficient and fast aircrafts. Some of those aircrafts looked bizarre but despite that they were able to [...]

German Scientists Control The Flight Of An Aircraft Just By The Power Of Thinking-5

No doubt the technological progress continues to surprise us: German scientists have managed to control a plane simulator using just the power of thinking. We tell you more about this brain control that could revolutionize the future of aviation.  No matter [...]

Hybrid helicopter-plane

A big limitation of the modern day planes is the requirement of runway for the landing and take-off. Keeping this in view, a California based company "Joby Aviation", has designed a new hybrid helicopter-plane "S2" that is able to take [...]

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