This Inexpensive Smartphone Gadget Detects AIDS and Syphilis in Just 15 Minutes-

American engineers have developed a small device that plugs into a simple smartphone to detect the presence  of these two sexually transmitted diseases in blood. Some American engineers from Columbia University, New York have developed an inexpensive smartphone accessory that [...]

Researchers Discover AIDS Blocking Protein In Australian coral-

Researchers say they have discovered an anti-HIV protein that blocks the virus infection. The particularity of this protein is that it is found in some corals of Australia. We explain the details. Researchers from the National Cancer Institute say they have discovered a [...]

For The First time: A Vaccine Against AIDS Enters A Decisive Step Before Marketing-3

This is indeed a great news for the health of humanity. For the first time ever a vaccine for AIDS treatment, designed by a French firm, has now reached the stage of clinical trials. This may be the beginning of a [...]

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