Brand Killer: This Revolutionary Headset Blocks Intrusive Ads-4

On the television, on the Internet or on the streets, advertisements have invaded our daily lives. Solution? Four young friends had this original idea to create  a helmet that in real time bocks different advertisements! Check out this ingenious prototype that [...]

A Cute Love Story Between A Robot And A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner-2

The advertising campaign for the latest robotic vacuum cleaner Kobold VR200 has been launched. It features a little robot who falls in love with the fancy VR200 and never leaves it. Very cute! The central idea of this animated film is the [...]

A Touching Advertisement Shows The Heroic Daily Life Of A Common Man-4

In Thailand, an insurance agency has come with an out of the box approach to promote its services. This publicity video appeals to the human values and emotions to reach out to people. The video has hit 10 million views [...]

Amazing Spectacle 8000000 Flower Petals Falling On A Small Village-4

Eight million colorful flower petals cover a small village in Costa Rica while filming for a commercial of the Sony brand. We make you feel this avalanche of colors that will overwhelm your eyes! As part of the promotion of this [...]

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