abandoned places

Here we present the fascinating abandoned places photographed by Christian Richter who a German photographer who is also a travel enthusiast. He takes us to the the discovery of ruined theaters, abandoned hospitals, dilapidated churches or hotels, swimming pools and libraries. [...]

See How Nature Relcaims A Beautiful Abandoned Fishing Village In China?-7

In one of our previous articles we had shown that how greedy the nature is to reclaim the places abandoned by the human beings.  Now, we share with you the exciting adventure of Tang Yuhong whereby she shows us how [...]

MUNICH 1972-Top 16 Haunting Photos Of Abandoned Olympic Venues-9

The Sochi Winter Olympic Games 2014 have cost 36 billion Euros to Russia. So, they costed more than the cost of all Winter Olympics combined since their inception. An amount that is 10 times the budget of Albania and Moldova [...]

12 Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels For Lovers Of Abandoned Places-11

Many photographers are attracted by the abandoned places as they have to offer us distressing, as well as, fascinating images. Having dedicated an article to abandoned places, now we are going to take you on a journey to 12 most [...]

Guillaume Ducreux-Discover The Magnificent Beauty Of An Abandoned Palace-2

In the horror movies we have often see abandoned castles, often inhabited by the evil spirits. Well, a photographer has overcome all his internal fears to discover this majestic abandoned palace in France on the frontier with Belgium.  This French [...]

Wrecked World: Stunning Photographic Manipulations Of Abandoned Shipwrecks

A polish photographer takes us deep into the world of abandoned ships. He uses photographic manipulations to throw the light on their gloomy but at the same time somewhat mysterious state.   Polish photographer Tomasz Zaczeniuk presents us with an original and [...]

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