Hollywood Fashion Center - Hollywood, Florida-Top 9 Most Surreal Abandoned American Shopping Centers-29

On the other side of the Atlantic many new developments are taking place. As the result of financial crises many shopping centers have gone out of business.  Americans may be proud of many things like a cool presidents and beautiful [...]

Scary Drone Video Captures Ruins of Ghost Town Of Chernobyl-10

Almost 30 years after the explosion of the Chernobyl's nuclear power plant, the Ukrainian city is still abandoned and continues to make headlines. Danny decided to capture his fascinating tour of the nearby city of Pripyat through a harrowing video filmed [...]

Most Intriguing Abandoned Places In Middle Of Mojave Desert-12

Joe is a photographer who likes to venture into the Mojave Desert to find the abandoned places and photograph their beauty. The beautiful colors and amazing lights in his photographs enhance the beauty of these buildings returned to nature. Accompany Joe [...]

Life is Beautiful: A Tragi-Comedy About A Solitary Man Not Finding His Place In Society-5

Ben, a young art enthusiast, has made a 3D animation video in which he invites us to follow the life of Anton: a little man who could not find his place in society. Check out this short film that deals with [...]

Empty Spaces: A Photographer Shares His Passion For Abandoned Places (Photo Gallery)-17

A young photographer captures haunting images of abandoned places which are being reclaimed by the mother nature. The series of photographs, called Empty Spaces, reveals a world both bleak and fascinating. Jonny Joo is a young American artist who is interested in [...]

Abandoned churches around the world-4

Man has built many incredible monuments over the centuries but it has also abandoned thousands of places that are full of mysteries. However, the nature always tries to eventually re-assert itself over these abandoned places. We make you discover these 24 abandoned churches [...]

Today, there are dozens of abandoned cities where for various reasons, people had to leave their native homes behind. This is a selection of 20 such deserted cities from the four corners of the world. The human being has been [...]

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