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World's Smallest And Fully Functional Circular SAW Made Using 3D Printing-

Here, we are going to present to you the world's tiniest circular SAW that actually works. It has been designed and fabricated by Lance Abernethy who is an expert at creating miniature objects using 3D printing. Earlier this year, he [...]

Now 3D Printing Can Be Used To Print Future Home Gardens-4

3D printing is now increasingly used to create new and innovative projects. Very recently, we had written an article about how a house with 3D printed components was assembled in just 3 hours. This time researchers and students are making [...]

Voxel8: An Innovative 3D Printer To Print Electronic Circuits-1

Nowadays, it is possible to make amazing and complicated objects using 3D printing, but they are usually formed from plastic. But with the Voxel8, this could all soon change. This printer can integrate electronics into a project. A new technique that [...]

World's First Tool Made In Space Using 3D Printing-

For the first time, the International Space Station (ISS) astronauts have received a tool design by "e-mail" and then printed it using 3D printing on-board the station. A feat made possible by "Made In Space", a Californian company. We make you discover [...]

A Bionic Hand At Dirt Cheap Price Thanks To 3D printing-

Youbionic, a young Italian company, has managed to develop a low-cost myoelectric prosthetic using 3D printing and common electronic components. The company aims the final finished product to just cost around a thousand euros, so that a larger number of amputees can [...]

3D Printing Helps Neurosurgeons Perform Life Saving Surgery-2

The medical community is one of the first to benefit from the advances in science, and it seems that 3D printing has found a new type of application. With this technology, neurosurgeons were able to replicate the brain of 5 [...]

Jack sparow-10 Amazingly Life Like Computer Generated 3D Portraits OF Famous Characters-1

Facial modeling techniques are now so advanced that sometimes we struggle to tell the difference between a 3D portrait and a photograph. We have selected 10 such life-like graphic productions that are indistingushable from the original character. You will not believe [...]

A Giant Step For Artificial Organs: Blood Vessels Synthesized By 3D Printing-

Since its invention, 3D printing continues to push the boundaries of technology. Moreover, researchers have managed the feat of creating fully functional synthetic blood vessels. We explain to you this significant scientific achievement. Until now, the major problem encountered during 3D [...]

Ekocycle Cube: A 3D Printer That Uses Recycled Coca Cola Bottles As Filament-

Ekocycle Cube is an eco-friendly 3D printer that recycles trash Coca Cola bottles into a 3D object. It is a product of 3D Systems which is an American brand specializing in 3D printing solutions. Coca Cola and a famous US [...]

stratasys' robocop

3D printer manufacturer Stratasys has revealed that the Robocop suit used in the movie was made using its technology. This technology is called Object Connex 3D.  3D printers are not a new concept to make wonderful objects. Recently a 3D printer manufacturer [...]

3D Printed Plaster Heals Fractures 30% Faster Thanks To Ultrasound-

Deniz is a Turkish designer who is using 3D printing to advance medical sciences. Indeed, he has developed a type of plaster called osteoid allowing fractures heal faster than conventional methods. We explain to you everything regarding this very promising innovation. [...]

Lix's 3D Printing PEN Enables You To Draw 3D Objects In Air-3

Lix, a London-based company, has designed a 3D printing pen that enables you to draw the 3D objects in the air. It is powered by USB port of your laptop. A plastic strip is inserted into the back of pen [...]

Sand Babel: A Desert City Concept With 3D printed Skyscrapers -1

3D printers are very much in the news nowadays, they are mostly used for making small products. However, a group of chinese designers has set out to prove this concept wrong. They want to show that 3D printing can also [...]

Foodini-3D printer To Make Food With Nutritious And Fresh Ingredients-

In our previous articles we had described some of the marvels of the 3D printing like it can be used to print pizza for the astronaut in space, as well as, you can have a printed chocolate model of your [...]

World'd First Fully Functional Kayak Made Using 3D Printing-1

It was not long ago that 3D printing was only used to create little toys like Pickachu. The technology has now come a long way though with many useful objects being created by 3D printing like furniture, prosthetics, implants, sneakers [...]

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