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3D Printed Drones And Self-Healing Aircraft: BAE Imagines Future of UAVs and 3D printers-1

The engineers of the defense company BAE Systems are working on the futuristic concepts that are potentially realisable by the year by 2040.  It will be possible to use 3D printers to prints small unmanned drones to be used in various fields. [...]

Jimmy: Intel's Open Source 3D Printable Robot-1

Intel wants to promote the democratization of robotics by providing an open source platform that allows anyone to print a robot using a 3D printer. The non-printable electronics and mechanics will be marketed as a separate kit. Ultimately, Intel hopes that fans [...]

Sneakerbot-A Flexible Pair of Sneakers Made Using 3D Printing Can Even Fit In Your Pocket-1

In some of our recent articles we have shed light on the marvels of 3D printing in various domains like food, medical implants and even houses. However, one of the domains unheard in the applications of 3D printing is the fashion industry [...]

3D Printers Can Create Fully Functional Firearms-1

With the coming years, we are only expecting more and more application of the 3D printing technology, thus creating huge development and manufacturing opportunities in various fields. Although, recently this technology has been mostly used to produce mundane plastic objects. [...]

MX3D-Metal 3D Printer Can Now Print Self Supporting Metal Sculptures-

Nowadays, the 3D printing is very hot in the technology news. Despite the fact that 3D printing has achieved milestone after milestone, the technology is still in its infancy for printing the large structures.  One of the most recent developments [...]

BigRep One 3D Printer For Cost Effective Commercial Printing Of Furniture-1

3D printing is finding its application in many diverse fields from biomedical engineering to the manufacturing of houses. Many ebay shops are selling customized 3D printed products for the customers. There has been quite a progress to make the small [...]

A Teenager Swedish Girl Walks Again Thanks To A 3D-Printed Hip Implant -

The most fascinating aspect of the 3D printing is the fact that we can make customized objects for ourselves, without going through the traditional lengthy manufacturing cycle. 3D printing has found many application in the field of biomedical  engineering specially [...]

Sols:  Create Customized 3D Insoles From A Scan Of Foot With Smartphone App-2

The 3D printing is finding many applications in the fields of health care and biomedical engineering. Now, many different types of prosthetics, casts and splints are being made using this innovative technology. The Sols project launched by an New York [...]

3D Printing Technology For Astronauts To Easily Make Fresh Pizzas In Space (Video)-

The space missions for the astronauts often last many days. Not to mention the astronauts who have to spend months in the space stations. During the stay astronauts eat specialized foods and it is difficult to have hand cooked food. [...]

You Can Finally Eat Chocolate Sculpture Of Your Face Using 3D Printing Technology (Video)-4

A British start-up has developed the first 3D printer capable of modeling the chocolate into a face portrait! We make you discover this innovation that will indeed awaken your appetite. Would you like to eat your own portrait made ​​of [...]

Gigantic Sculpture Made Using 3D Printing 2

Technical marvels related to 3D printing continue to amaze us. A team of researchers who are both architects and computer programmers have been able to make a sculpture entirely using 3D printing. Quickly discover the most complex architectural artwork in the [...]

Disfigured by a poacher, a sea hawk has regained the use of his beak! All thanks to the perseverance of A passionate engineer and the innovative use of 3D printing to give the sea hawk a brand new beak! With the [...]

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