3d printer

Use Off The Shelf Printer To Make A Touch Screen In Minutes-2

A team of German Scientists from the university of Saarland have developed a technique that allows anyone with a printer to produce a touch screen in minutes. Here is a video illustration of this revolutionary process. Printscreen can quickly and [...]

MIT Students Invent A Special 3D printer To Print Ice Cream-

There are now a lot of different types of 3D printers available. Some are classical that allow you to print small 3D objects like a traditional printer. Then, there are the others, those which are a bit special and are dedicated to a [...]


An app Chromville has been developed that allows the children to bring to life their paintings using augmented reality. The app is available for both the Android and iOS devices, it is specially designed for the kids in the age of [...]


Swarm of Minibuilder robots can now be used together to make buildings much bigger than robot themselves. Engineers from Institute of Advanced Architecture in Catalonia (IACC) are behind this new innovation. There are different Minibuilders, each with its specialized task. In order [...]

Disney Makes First Teddy Bears Made From Wool Using 3D Printing-

Disney Research labs are pushing the limits of 3D printing! Now they are using this technology to enable you to make Teddy Bears from your home. We tell you more about this interesting news! The potential of 3D printers continues to [...]

3 Students Have 3D Printed A Robotic Prosthetic Arm Just For $200-2

A group of American students has recently achieved a double feat: first of all they have made a robotic prosthetic hand for a handicapped girl using 3D printing, secondly, it costed them only $200. This is an appreciable step to [...]

3d printed house

The 3D printing is no doubt one of the most futuristic innovation in the modern technology. They are being used to realize plenty of new products from toys to weapons and food to roads. Recently a very enthusiastic team of [...]

3D Printing Can Now Create Human Tissue To Heal Your Wounds-5

The advancements in 3D printing do not cease to amaze us! After the ability to print food, medical implants and even houses, a new milestone has been achieved, that of bioprinting. That is, the creation of human tissues in 3D. We [...]

A Passionate Of Air Hockey Turns 3D printer Into A Ruthless Robotic Opponent-2

We have got accustomed to hearing about the many fabulous accomplishments of the 3D printers. However, a passionate of Air Hockey saw the potential in 3D printer to convert into an Air Hockey playing robot. The robot player is very accurate, [...]

An American High School Student Makes A 3D printed Prosthetic Hand For A 9 years Old Boy-

A 17 year old American High School student has changed the life of a 9 year old little boy born without one hand. He has created a functional prosthetic hand using 3D printing and has given the little boy the ability [...]

The 3D printing has shown huge potentials for the futures. However, currently the utility of 3D printing is fairly marginal. However, the introduction of low cost 3D printers can give a bright future to this industry. In order to meet [...]

With the development of 3D printers, now there is rush to develop user friendly software and hardware which can enable us to make 3D models for printing. In this context, the latest innovation brought by Matteform is a 3D scanner called "Photon". Photon is very [...]

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