Enjoy Amazing 3D Printed Bio Food With Herbs And Mushrooms-5

Rutzerveld Chloe loves to eat healthy. When she saw the success of 3D printers in modern times, it seemed logical to  her to use them for creating more balanced and good food for health. She had the bright idea to print a [...]

Visually Impaired Can Now Feel Their Memories Thanks To 3D Printing of Pirate 3D-1

Pirate3D, a company, has devised an innovative way for the blind people to enjoy a photograph. In fact, they have used a 3D printer to turn a photograph into a scene of apparent life! We tell you more about this touching, [...]

Life is Beautiful: A Tragi-Comedy About A Solitary Man Not Finding His Place In Society-5

Ben, a young art enthusiast, has made a 3D animation video in which he invites us to follow the life of Anton: a little man who could not find his place in society. Check out this short film that deals with [...]

3D modeling of human brain activity-1

The brain is probably the most mysterious organ of the the human body. Indeed, despite all the technological advances, the researchers are still very far from having explored many of its secrets. However, scientists have mapped the brain activity of a man to [...]

Top 15 3D-Drawing Illusions That Will Spin Your Head Between Reality And Illusion-13

Max and Joe transform the ground with their 3D creations, resulting in impressive optical illusions. We share with you these wonderful works that these two artists materialize only using a few pencil strokes. Simply amazing!   Urban art, or "Street Art" is [...]

Amazing 3D Printed Chairs Shaped Like Realistic Animals-

A painter, sculptor and photographer has made some incredible 3D printed chairs that are shaped like animals. We make you discover these beautiful creations. Máximo Riera is an artist who has been practicing art for over thirty years as a photographer, [...]

3D Printing Enables You To Hold Your Baby In Arms Even Before Its Birth-1

In recent years, 3D printing is receiving a lots of attention as a new way to easily make the new 3D creative designs. So much so that it is expected to even revolutionize the manufacturing industry as new spare parts, [...]

iPad Application To Transform Everything Around You Into Video Game-5

The world of tablets and video games has met again. With this highly innovative scanner introduced at CES 2014, the iPad will use augmented reality to transform everything around you into a video game scenario.  The Structure Sensor is a very special [...]

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