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Top 50 Most Beautiful Scenic Places In United States

Mar 17th, 2013 No Comments

Two researchers in Brooklyn, New York, have invented an eye mask that can control human dreams. This mask controls the dreams during sleep by making the brain conscious that it is dreaming.  While in the first glance it appear to […]

The 15 most expensive divorces ever

Mar 15th, 2013 No Comments

The love is said to be priceless but on the other hand, divorces can have real high costs. Especially, in the  case  of  the  most rich people of the worlds this cost can be in  millions and or even in […]


GALAXY S4: An “Eye Scroll” to control with eyes

Mar 15th, 2013 No Comments

It is rumoured in the press for the last few hours that  Galaxy S4 , the next smartphone of Samsung, can not only respond to the movement of the fingers but also to that of eyes. The world number one […]

Alcatel's "One Touch Fire"

First smartphone with Firefox OS available in summer 2013 for less than 100 € (Video)

Mar 14th, 2013 No Comments

Alcatel will start marketing in July 2013, the first mobile running the Firefox Operating System (OS).  The “One Touch Fire”, the first model of this type will be offered at only 99 €. This is relatively a basic device, with […]

The Google self-driving car turns a corner

What is the impact of the car without driver on the auto market?

Mar 13th, 2013 No Comments

Modern Technological developments have enabled the realization of the long time aspired human desire for a car without driver. The car will be driven automatically using a computer. This car is expected to enter the market in coming decades. Currently, despite […]

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