Add your Article To Google Scholar

While writing any type of literary work, whether its a book or research article/publication, nobody can deny the importance of correctly citing the references. A good news for the researchers, students and scientists, now you can easily cite a research [...]

Add your Article To Google Scholar

Academic people would agree that Google Scholar is one of the most effective tools available to the scholars, researchers and students. They can not only use Google Scholar Search feature to find the latest research in their field, but also [...]

Instant Network Mini: A Mobile Network Inside A Backpack For Humanitarian Relief Efforts -2

We all know that the mobile communication is becoming more and more important part of our life with each passing day. Especially, in the case of disaster situations mobile services are important to coordinate and organize the relief efforts in [...]

End Of Update To Windows XP Makes 95% of ATMs Worldwide Vulnerable To Piracy -1

Almost 3 million ATM machines worldwide use Windows XP as an operating system. However, Microsoft has announced the end of updates to this operating system. Hence, these machines are at risk of piracy. In fact, the ATM machines being used by [...]

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