The new iPhone 5S has not yet been launched. However, you can still experience 3D display using 3D EyeFly technology developed by researchers in Singapore. This technology turns the normal iPhone screen into 3D Display. Technical characteristics EyeFly 3D technology [...]

In England, a study has been conducted that confirms our smartphone is a medium of transmissions of bacteria. Students were able to observe many bacteria, harmless or not, on the smartphones screen. Whenever, someone uses a smartphone whether it is [...]

NASA has sent three Google Nexus One, Android Smartphones in orbit around the Earth so that they can become "low-cost" satellites. NASA has used the launcher Antares of Orbital Sciences Corp. to launch these low cost satellites. The goal of [...]

Samsung are at the peak of consumer technological innovation and their products infiltrate our existences at every turn. The modern mobile phone has become something of a showpiece for a manufacturers wares and Samsung certainly excel in this department. Their [...]

This is probably the most expensive iPhone in the world, costing 15 million dollars for a gold casing set with diamonds. This iPhone 5 is possessed by a Chinese businessman who wishes to remain anonymous. This product was designed by Stuart Hughes [...]

Aatma Studio has unveiled a new technology which will make the holographic keyboard interface to the  iPhone 5  possible. The smartphone projects a holographic image of the keyboard in the air with which user can interact and use it as [...]

The speed with which Taiwan’s technology is progressing is demonstrated by the making of transparent smartphone.  This shows that the time is not too far when you will be holding a transparent smartphone in your hands soon.   Taiwanese company [...]

It is rumoured in the press for the last few hours that  Galaxy S4 , the next smartphone of Samsung, can not only respond to the movement of the fingers but also to that of eyes. The world number one [...]

Alcatel will start marketing in July 2013, the first mobile running the Firefox Operating System (OS).  The "One Touch Fire", the first model of this type will be offered at only 99 €. This is relatively a basic device, with [...]

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