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Top 13 Logos Of Famous Companies As If Designed By Doctors-1

When we are stuck with ten years of medical studies, we have to face many challenges during that time. We have to study a lot and write a lot also. We learn to write quickly but its mostly not a [...]

Robot Cook-

Whether its hitchhiking on the roads of Canada or participating in the first robotic Olympics to be held in Tokyo in 2020, robots are continuing to invade our daily lives. We will find them working in some of the most [...]

Internet-Top 10 American Engineering Innovations That Changed Our Lives-5

With the declaration of American independence in 1776 from United Kingdom, there was very little, if any scientific research infrastructure in USA. However, in the 19th and 20th century huge funding was given by the state, as well as, the [...]

Tarbela Dam-Top 10 Mind Blowing Achievements Of Pakistanis In Science And Technology-

Pakistan came into being on 14th August,  1947. Despite being a new nation and suffering many setbacks due to bad governance, it managed to have some wonderful achievements in the field of science, engineering and technology. Today we are listing some [...]

Most Influential And Powerful Orators Of 21st Century -

It can be said without any doubt that all major world shaking events have been brought about by the power of the spoken words. The art of Oratory or public speaking is no doubt a gifted talent but it also [...]

Top 12 Mountain Goats In A Miserable Position While Climbing A Cliff-4

The mountain goats are considered to be the very good climbers of cliffs. However, it is possible that they get stuck in an awkward position while climbing. Here, our topic of discussion is such mountain goats who are in such [...]

Top 14 Creepy Monuments Erected With Human Bones And Skulls-4

It may seem surprising to you but there are buildings which were built exclusively using human bones. These buildings, built mainly for the religious purposes, have made the human bones a part of the architectural style. The style may be [...]

The 10 Most Scary Places On The Earth-5

We know that our planet contains heavenly as well as strange places but there are also some scary and terrifying places that only bravest among us would dare to go.  We take you to the discovery of the top 10 most [...]

Most Wacky And Non-Traditional Christmas Trees -

The Christmas tree is one of the most indisputable symbols of the Christmas and the New year. While most of the people decorate their homes with traditionally styled Christmas trees, some do not hesitate to be creative! The proof is these 20 [...]

12 Unique Cats In The World Because Of Unique Markings On Their Fur-9

Cats are the real stars of the Internet and always manage to get the attention of web surfers one way or the other. Using their wickedness as well as cuteness, they win the heart of the little as well as the [...]

There are more than 2,000 satellites above our heads, some of them are used for photography. They map and archive everything they photograph. Long stored in the databases of NASA photographs, we have selected 55 most spectacular photographs of the Earth [...]

An Apple geek always wants to have his Mac customized to his taste! Some Apple geeks even have a strong passion for video games and video game characters. Here, we take an opportunity to show you top 15 must have stickers for [...]

Summer is here and with the heat  it is these days, best is not to stray too far from a water source! To take your mind off the work or give you ideas, if you are already on holiday, here are [...]

From colourful parks for the children to the fun places for adults, in this articles you are going to see some bizarre places built by artists whose minds came with these amazing ideas. One thing you will notice is that [...]

We often use the term the eye of the photographer without even really understanding what it means. In some of our earlier articles we presented 14 Mind-blowing Black And White photographic illusions,  20 photographic illusions you need to see carefully to understand, [...]

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