A really awe-inspiring video that shows us what happens when many quadcopters as well as a car,  are fitted with lights and then made to move and dance around in circles. While at the same time a long exposure camera [...]

This Revolutionary Robotic Glove Teaches Anyone To Draw -1

This new type robotic glove named as the “Teacher” is there to teach you how to make drawings by improving your drawing skills. It can be worn on your hand and it forces your hand to perform the movements that [...]

This Revolutionary Exoskeleton Turns Factory Workers Into SUPERHEROES-3

Named as the Robo-Mate, using this technology a worker can lift ten times heavier loads thanks to an exoskeleton that provides metallic support to back, legs and arms. According to the experts this approach is more safe as now workers [...]

AguaDrone: An Innovative Sensor-Studded Drone To Find Fishes-1

As the evidence suggests, the history of fishing is as old as the history of mankind. With passage of time the fishing tools have become more and more sophisticated, as well as, fishing techniques. Today the modern gadgets used for [...]

Air Shepherd: Drones To Fight Against Elephant Poaching-1

In Africa 100,000 elephants were killed between 2010 and 2012. At this rate, poaching may threaten the very existence of the species within next 10 years. Fighting against this illegal activity is not easy, but the use of drones will [...]

Toshiba's Revolutionary Scorpion Robot To Explore The Fukushima Reactor-

Increasingly, Robots are being envisaged as solution to reach places which are otherwise inaccessible to the human beings due to safety reasons or lack of accessibility. Fukushima nuclear plant is one such place where the high level of nuclear radiations are deemed lethal for [...]

The Sacré-Coeur, Paris-21 Most Beautiful Places Photographed By Drones Where Overflight Is Illegal Today-15

Amos Chapple is a KIWI photographer and a drone enthusiast. These 21 aerial photographs immortalized by a drone, are the result of 2 years of traveling around the globe by her. These sublime photographs were legally taken before the drones [...]

Drones Used To Stop Chinese Students From Cheating In High Stress University Examina are now using DRONES to stop students cheating in high-pressure university entrance exams-

In the previous, Chinese authorities had discovered students using high-tech gadgets for cheating in university entrance exam "Gaoko". They used wireless gadgets to get answers from their helpers outside. As a response, this year drones have been used to counter [...]

Redditometro- A Robot To Hunt Down Tax Evaders In Italy-

 If you had thought that tax evasion is easy in Italy, perhaps you are wrong. Redditometro is a robot that is the worst nightmare of the Italian Italian fraudsters. It has raised a lot of criticism and tensions in Italy.  It [...]

A Drone That Self-stabilizes Like A Tightrope Walker-1

A team of researchers at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, has developed a technology that allows a flying drone to restore its position in any situation and land in case of emergency, just like a tightrope walker. An innovation that [...]

People With Reduced Mobility Can Use This Revolutionary Exoskeleton To Walk-2

A team of scientists has developed a lightweight exoskeleton that allows people with reduced mobility to walk with less effort. Manufactured with carbon fiber, it weighs about 500 grams for each leg (the same weight as a conventional shoe).  We invite [...]

A Revolutionary Approach Using Drones To Plant 1 Billion Trees Per Year!-

Lauren Fletcher, an engineer at NASA, wants to fight against deforestation by developing drones for large-scale reforestation. This approach can plant a billion trees every year. We tell you more about this project by the environmental specialist. After 20 years [...]

Insect cyborg: A beetle Can Now Be Turned Into A Drone-

Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley (USA) and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have been able to remotely control a real beetle using a muscle stimulation mechanism. The idea of ​​developing cyborg insects is not new but the [...]

Romeo- An Intelligent French Robot To Help Elderly With Daily Tasks-5

Romeo is a Robot designed by a French company to help the elderly and disabled in their daily lives. Indeed, this small humanoid of 1m40 can already communicate with anyone, by detecting the faces and the expressions of humans that surround [...]

In Japan, Robot Dogs Can Now Have A Dignified Funeral Like Real Animals-5

We already knew about the love of Japanese for the robots, but did you know that some Japanese had so much affection for them that they treated them like family members, even at the time of death? Indeed, some of them [...]

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