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FPGA programing

You have to plan an advanced circuit, yet you are uncertain about whether to pick CPU programming versus Field Programming Gate Arrays(FPGA). At times, you can actualize precisely the same usefulness utilizing a CPU or an FPGA the Main difference [...]

Public Private Key Cryptology

What is quantum encryption technology? At its most fundamental, QET represents the very leading edge of data encryption science. Data encryption science, in turn, affects every single person on this planet. It is all that stands between the most private, [...]

Roof Technology

Home repair and improvement have changed significantly over the past few decades, with much of this being driven by technological innovation. While this has been the case for quite some time, it seems as though a significant amount of it [...]

digital marketing 1792474 640

If you have been in business for a long time, you’ll know that you are constantly having to change and adapt your business model and marketing campaigns in order to stay current and up to date with the times. It is [...]

call center 1015274 640

Successful call centers owe their success to a number of things, including skilled agents and sophisticated software. No matter how highly skilled your agents are, your call center is bound to run into some hitches if proper software is not [...]

800px IPCorder NVR with cameras

Though common, DVR (digital video recorders) and NVR (network video recorders) systems are increasingly considered outdated technology, introducing unnecessary risks when used in modern surveillance systems.  While DVRs use coaxial cables to connect to surveillance cameras, their more modern counterparts, [...]

Motorcycle Battery

Just like other vehicles such as cars, motorcycles need batteries in order to run. However, while there are plenty of high-quality motorcycle batteries on the market, not all of them are the right fit for each type of bike. If [...]

Not On App Store: Project To Remind Geeks About pleasures of Everyday life-8

There’s been a rising scourge of fake apps on the Google Play Store in recent years. These apps mimic real apps so well that it’s becoming increasingly harder to separate the legit apps from their fake counterparts. But as the [...]

6 Ways To Advertise Your Small Business-

Small business owners are always up against at least two challenges. The first one is the obvious mission of getting their business right and succeeding in the competitive world of today. The second is the unsung crusade they’re forced to [...]


Have you ever tried to read someone’s text messages without going through their phone? If you have, then you know that you will go through countless solutions before getting the right one. It took time for us to review the [...]


To spy on a cell phone without having it is possible via a spy app. As most Hollywood movies suggest, spying on a cell phone remotely is possible. There are multiple reasons you may want to spy on a phone [...]

Airport parking

Finding parking doesn’t have to be a hassle. With the Way app, you can say goodbye to endless circling and searching, and say hello to easy, stress-free parking. You can also find entertainment, food, and more with the tap of [...]

Captura de pantalla 2019 09 12 12.06.41

Placeit is one of the most popular websites for mock-ups, logos, design templates, slideshow maker, and animated videos. If you want to customize your t-shirts according to your design to show off your designs in a realistic or professional look. [...]


Data is collateral gold. Did you hear about Cambridge Analytica and the involved election scandal of 2016? Information is a hot commodity regularly traded in digital sectors, and that’s not going to change any time soon. We’re in the information [...]


The story of the Yugo is one of automotive lore. Looking back now, it has been over 35 years since the car was first introduced. It's hard to believe people were lined up for a brief period of time to [...]

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