Military Tech

Using data from the government agency Geoscience Australia, Canadian artists at Orbital Mechanics have conducted a mapping of 2153 nuclear explosions that took place from 1945 to today. They are categorized into several colors: red for above ground, yellow for [...]

See The Devastating Machine Gun Of F-35 Fighter Fire At 3,000 Bullets Per Minute-

A video footage of F-35 has emerged that shows the stealth jet firing 181 rounds within few seconds. The plane carries a Gatling four barrel gun that has been embedded into its wings to maintain its stealth profile. The plane [...]

Police Uses Rifles And Tasers To Approach A Man With iPhone Gun case-

It may look cool to have an iPhone case shaped as a gun but perhaps its not a very good idea as far as the police is concerned. Few days back, a man was roaming on a public beach in Winnipeg, Canada [...]

You Will Be Amazed To Know Why This Vintage Gun Was Banned-

In the 19th century, the advances in medical sciences as well as the industrial revolution resulted in a population boom. This led to an increase in the amount of required food. Similarly, bird feathers were being used for making the [...]

Outry As A Student Demonstrates Use Of A Functional Gun Mounted On A Drone-1

If you are a lover of the peaceful use of drones then this video would certainly make you anxious. In a video, that has been released to the youtube, an 18 year old student of Mechanical Engineering has shown how [...]

A Fascinating Film Reveals Each Step In Preparation Of A Beretta Shotgun-18

Italy based Beretta is one of the oldest weapons manufacturers in the world, and is over five hundred years old. Using this amazing video, we are going to show you the careful steps involved in the manufacturing of Beretta shotgun. Indeed, we [...]

Most Powerful And Deadly DIY 'Laser Shotgun' Destroys The Household Items-2

Military has many formidable weapons but it is difficult to get your hands on them, unless you have the resolve to build one of them for yourself. This is exactly what Drake Anthony, a student and a DIY enthusiast from [...]

Boeing Files A Patent For A Force Field Shield From Star Wars-

Boeing, the world re-known aircraft manufacturer, is working to conceive and realize an intangible electromagnetic shield to protect military vehicles from the shock waves of explosions. A patent has been filed, but the implementation is complex. In Episode 1 of Star [...]

DIY pumpkin cannon

Here comes a pumpkin cannon to throw pumpkins into the air with a speed of 600mph. The cannon looks like a large anti-craft cannon once used in the world war II. It is being claimed to be the world’s strongest and most [...]

DARPA has revealed a sniper bullet which can change it's direction mid-flight. DARPA has also  revealed a footage showing the successful launching of .50 caliber bullets. A project namely EXACTO was started with an aim to make the snipers’ accuracy more [...]

6 New Stunning Military Technologies That Are Already A Reality-

The military technology has always been evolving over time and many times these technological innovations were later used for civilian applications. We present to you six stunning military inventions that you would not believe. 1. CornerShot   CornerShot is a weapon developed [...]

Oculus Rift

Virtual reality has become famous for its applications in video games. Now virtual reality is being used to help the armoured vehicle drivers, as driving an armoured vehicle is really hard job when inside the hatch. The technology is being [...]

Watch The Spectacular Takeoff And Landing Of A Rocket As Filmed By A Drone (Video)-5

Takeoff of a rocket is a always an awesome spectacle both for the people who built it, and also for the general viewers. A company specialized in aerospace engineering has just put online a video of the launch and landing [...]


Weapon crafting is one of the oldest and essential arts of the human being. Man makes deadly weapons in order to combat its rivals. Missiles are thought to be one of the most deadly and effective weapons nowadays due to [...]

SaveOneLife system: Lemur Studio Fits Shoes With A Mine Detector-1

In warn torn zones, even after the seizures of hostilities, the already deployed landmines continue to threaten the people for a long time. The SaveOneLife project, designed by Lemur Design Studio, incorporates the mine detector in the shoes of people to [...]

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