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Satirical Illustrations Denounce The Sad Realities Of Our World-

In the style of John Holcroft, Steve Cutts gives us his satirical version of today's world. These powerful illustrations point to the defects of our world, the excesses of the economy and the consumption based society model. A work that [...]

A series of beautiful and impressive photographs from NASA, which reveal the nocturnal beauty of the Earth from space. These stunning images of our planet in which we can easily distinguish between towns and reliefs, have been taken over Europe, [...]

15 Most Beautiful Caves That Testify To The Extraordinary Beauty Of Our Planet-27

Nature is full of mysterious places that seem to come straight out of horror movies or real fairy tales. Yet these places are real and reflect the magic of our planet. We make you discover these 15 spectacular caves. These [...]

Photos Of Endangered Animals Projected On Empire State Building To Raise Awareness-2

Saturday night, Giant motion pictures of endangered animals were projected on the Empire State Building in New York. This spectacle was the first of its kind to raise public awareness about the risk of their extinction. The projection was on [...]

A really awe-inspiring video that shows us what happens when many quadcopters as well as a car,  are fitted with lights and then made to move and dance around in circles. While at the same time a long exposure camera [...]

See What Happens When An Effervescent Tablet Is Dissolved In Water Bubble In Space (Video)-

Astronauts on the International Space Station dissolved an effervescent tablet in water and then captured the images of the resulting reaction Using a camera capable. This was not a normal camera but RED 4K camera that has four times higher [...]

Google Street View Makes Us Travel To Remote Locations Of Mongolia-1

Google Street View has now officially come to Mongolia. Google used the traditional travelling methods to capture the photos of Mongolia. These methods include Camera loaded on horse-drawn sled and on the backpacks of team members. Mongolia has very amazing [...]

Amazing Video Makes Us Travel In Universe To Show Our Position In Vast Space-11

It is very difficult to realize the vastness of the universe and to help us, scientists have made a video using all the scientific information known to date by the man. Using different scales, it explains very clearly the huge [...]

Vela One: World's Fastest And Cost Effective Flash For Slow Motion Photography-

Slow motion photography usually requires a lot of technical and expensive equipment. That said, a British start-up has risen to the challenge of designing a cost effective and ultra fast flash to easily photograph moving objects. With Vela One, you can now [...]

Evolution Of Special Effects From 1878 to 2014 In A Retrospective Video-

Since the advent of computers and digital technology, special effects in the films have entered a new age. Nevertheless, such techniques have existed since decades and have also evolved through the time. Jim has condensed more than 100 years of cinematic [...]

Discover The Most Beautiful Landscapes Of Europe In 4 Minutes-2

A family of Taiwanese tourists had a trip across Europe for more than two years. They visited more than 30 countries and took nearly 200 000 pictures to make this breathtaking video of the Old Continent. Stan Chang toured Europe with his [...]

Empty Spaces: A Photographer Shares His Passion For Abandoned Places (Photo Gallery)-17

A young photographer captures haunting images of abandoned places which are being reclaimed by the mother nature. The series of photographs, called Empty Spaces, reveals a world both bleak and fascinating. Jonny Joo is a young American artist who is interested in [...]

Technological Relics Of Our Past Revisited-11

With this series of photographs "Relics of Technology," Jim captures a collection of technological objects that have now become obsolete. These photographs may make some of us nostalgic while through them others may discover the stages in the evolution of [...]

Animals Of Savannah In Paris Metro-4

Attention animals invade the Paris Metro! Two photographers, Clarisse and Thomas, imagine what would have happened if animals of Savannah had invaded Paris Subway. A funny and touching montages where animals and humans live in perfect harmony! "AniMétro" is an idea [...]

Camera that can record around 360 degrees

A former Apple engineer has developed a revolutionary camera that can record the whole 360 degree footage in HD. In fact, it is an interactive panoramic camera that can record everything around it. You can easily place this camera in your [...]

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