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To invent something in order to solve your day to day problems always requires imagination and creativity. Sunday is a day of holiday and relaxing. However, some people make full use of this day to unleash the potential of their [...]

It happens often that you have an old wooden ladder or an old tennis rackets or glass bottles at home and you do not know what to do with them. Please do not throw these things away. Rather, you can reuse [...]

Australian photographer Ben Thomas masters the "tilt shift" technique of photography. This allows him to take amazing photos of cities like Paris, Tokyo or New York. He can focuses on an area of photograph to make it sharp while other parts [...]

Corrie White, a Dutch photographer, is able to realize remarkable photographs by capturing the formation of water droplets. This is a superb combination of the art work and science without any special graphic effects. She realized these photographs using an [...]

Have you ever imagined how Earth would look like from space during night? Well, NASA offers you this possibility. Discover the amazing photographs of the Earth taken using ultra-sensitive sensors on the Suomi satellite images. The result is truly spectacular. You [...]

Now with the help of Google Street View, you can explore the pre-Spanish Mayan cities of Mexico from the comfort of your home. Google Mexico and the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico have already added 30 pre-Hispanic sites [...]

The arrival of the new year around the world, is traditionally greeted with the display of fireworks. Discover some of the amazing photos of the fireworks taken using the slow time-exposure photography technique. This technique enables the photographer to sharply [...]

"Skinny" is an American cat having the title of the world's biggest cat.  She was born in 2007 and weighs more than 20 kg. The name "skinny" is rather inappropriate since the animal weighs more than 20 kg. She was [...]

The Australian town of Coober Pedy is attracting more and more tourists who are curious to see the world's first underground city. Inside the city, the people have all the necessary arrangements to live a comfortable life. The town of Coober [...]

Alexa Meade, an american artist, has found a new way of making paintings using photography. Instead of using canvas,  she prefer to paint  her models and takes photos.  When you see these images, you might think that these are paintings [...]

Have you ever dreamed in your life to live in a paradise, away from the hassles of the modern world? If answer is yes, then one of the solutions is to live on a private island. You can get out in your [...]

When the visitors travel to different parts of the world, they always want to bring some memories of the journey in the form of photos and souvenirs.  However, Michael Hughes who is both a traveller and a photographer, has a found a [...]

The wooden log cabins were the primary form of housing in many countries like Canada and America. Living in a log cabin has many advantages. The wood has very good thermal insulation properties due to its poor heat conductivity when [...]

Photography is an art of capturing important moments of life and immortalizing them forever. This is particularly true for the celebrities who are admired and loved by many people. Here we present a collection 20 photos which are the last [...]

Have you ever dreamed of having the little cute goldfish at your home? However, this project may quickly become expensive due to the cost of aquarium and its various decorations. Here is a solution for all such guys as how [...]

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