Artistic chandeliers Fron old bike parts, Saint Antonio

The Department of Culture and Creative Development of the city of San Antonio has contracted two artists to  recycle old bike parts and convert them into beautiful chandeliers. These chandeliers are installed under a bridge, so that anyone can see them easily [...]

There is much talk of civilian drones nowadays. In fact, these machines enable the development of new type of previously unthinkable services such as the delivery of parcels and food in remote areas. These drones will also be soon used to deliver [...]

Following the announcement of the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 by Samsung , Intel has announced that this tablet will be equipped with a 1.6Ghz Atom Z2560 clover Tail+ processor and will be accompanied by an Intel XMM 6262 modem for its 3G version or Intel XMM [...]

The 3D printing has shown huge potentials for the futures. However, currently the utility of 3D printing is fairly marginal. However, the introduction of low cost 3D printers can give a bright future to this industry. In order to meet [...]

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