Super Creative Lamps For Decoration Of Your Home-19

Some designers show immense talent and the creativity when it comes to reinvent everyday objects for the pleasure of eyes. We present to you 20 such examples of lamp designs which in which the artists have invested their hard work and [...]

Starpath: An ecological alternative to lampposts in the town-2

Have you ever dreamed of walking among the stars? Well, thanks to this innovative spray you can transform the walking tracks into an illuminated paths. We present to you this ecological innovation that in future can replace our electric streetlights. The [...]

Decorate Your Home With Super Bright Jellyfish Lamps-1

If you are an Amateur of the decoration objects, you will not be disappointed! We present to you the fantastic new and beautiful lamps shaped like the jellyfish.  Roxy Russell has created a superb Medusae collection, the hanging lamps produced using the [...]

Strange Vending Machines -4

With vending machines you can always feed your hungry stomach any time in the day or night. However, most of them offer nothing  more than snacks or drinks. We present to you 22 completely improbable vending machines! This selection is as original [...]


More than a century ago, the first public cameras made appearance in the general. A revolution signaled the arrival of first amateur photographers. A U.S. museum has found some of these photographs that make you travel back in time. It was [...]

Decorations Using Ww2 Submarines 1

On your first thought, old submarine mines may be a dangerous thing for you. but Mati Karmin had the ingenious idea of converting them into everyday useful objects and decorations. Perhaps seeing these decorations you would like to have them in your [...]

New species of animals created using photoshop

Our planet is filled with animals of all kinds and sorts of animal species from the most common to the most rare. Whether you have the passion for wildlife animal or the strange animals, these improbable combinations of animals, using [...]

Apple Unveils Its New Products Ipad Air Ipad Mini Retina Macbook Pro 31

Apple has unveiled its new products! Tim Cook, the CEO of the company, presented the highly anticipated iPad Air, mini iPad Retina display, new Macbook and a completely new and free version of OSX: Mavericks. We presents to you these new [...]

Finally, the technology is transforming the Street Art. We present to you a new kind of street art that is invisible to the naked eye and appears only when it rains or when it is sprayed with water! The hydrophobic [...]

Device Charges 140 Smartphones Using Used Batteries 2

A Thai company has built a revolutionary device containing nearly 1,500 used batteries that do not work. The combination of power left in these used batteries allows this innovative system to charge up to 140 smartphone batteries! It is the Soy milk [...]

When we first look at this chandelier, we are struck by its original appearance. However, the most fascinating thing is that once the room plunged into darkness, it transforms the room into a forest. This creative chandelier named "Forms in Nature" was designed [...]

Earlier we had written an article on Top 20 Examples Of Geek Art Inspired By High-Tech. Here we present other interesting examples of Geek art. Franco Recchia , an Italian artist, illustrates the world of technological art through splendid works made from recycled materials. From these e-waste, [...]

Earlier, we had written articles about Geek culture concerning Trendy Graffiti Examples For Video Game Geeks and Stickers For Greek Apples. Here, we present the top 20 works of the high-tech Geek art! Today, everyone is fascinated by the high-tech art and artists. [...]

It is true that a wall clock can be a real decorative object and they can have a more elaborate design. Most clocks that we will present here are designed by famous designers in their profession. It can give you ideas to [...]

Would you like to be unique in your office in one way or the other?  Well, we have a solution for you. Discover a selection of 18 unusual and crazy computer mouse!! That will impress your colleagues.  Shaped as Mario [...]

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